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Setup Fee Term Cost Bandwidth Disk Space Domains Email Accounts MySQL Databases
$15.00 Month-to-month $19.95 20GB 400MB 20 25 6
$15.00 One Year $215.46 ($17.96/month) 21GB 400MB 12 25 6
$15.00 Two Year $406.98 ($16.96/month) 22GB 500MB 12 25 8

Are you quite popular, or do you have an itch to share you creativity in the form of music or video files? With Package 3, you get 4GB of traffic included in your monthly charge, as well as a whopping 400MB of storage. Or perhaps you're a web-developer, and you want to host a whole bunch of your clients' sites. This package can host up to 10 domains and 25 email accounts, and can always be expanded if the need arises.

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