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About Retrix Hosting

We are a small independent Web Hosting company located in the heart of Gastown in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We began our foray into the world of Web Hosting back in 2000 on the back of a single Power Mac 6200. Since then, we have gained a loyal and growing customer base through word-of-mouth and good, old-fashioned service. But don't worry, we have many more servers with enough power to put that poor Power Mac to shame.

The definition of service

ret·rix | retriks |

1 A hosting company that offers a high level of customer service and friendliness. Such a company is typically found to truly care about its customers and the well-being of their internet presence. It also does its best to help organizations that help other people, such as many for non profit organizations.

We love Retrix; Retrix, you saved the day again; I'd recommend Retrix to anyone; Retrix fixed my problem in fifteen minutes!

We are green!

Powered by Green Power Certificates

Powered by clean energy

And you can join us too! By hosting at Retrix you are helping us be easy on the environment. We are 100% wind-powered.

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Hosted With Love

Hosted with Love Non-profit Web Hosting

Instant karma for people who care

We love hosting and we love helping!

That's why we help organizations get the most out of their website. Helping others helps everybody...

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