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Retrix End-of-Life - Frequently Asked Questions

I just renewed my domain. What happens with that?

We will be continuing to run the Service Centre in limited capacity for some time after December 6th, 2017. You will be able to do basic domain management, but we encourage you to transfer your domain away within the next six months. Your expiry date will be extended when transferring away, so your renewal was not lost.

How can I get my data?

If you did not get your data prior to the shutting down of our servers, we can retrieve archive files of your website(s) and database exports. You will need to email us to make this request, and we will get the files to you as quickly as we can. Please note that it will take some time to do this.

Email is a more complicated case. Our servers are no longer accessible and are in storage. If you did not migrate your email away prior to December 6th, we can upload your mail to a different IMAP account. This is a time-consuming process, and we will need to charge a $100/mailbox fee to do this. You must provide the following information:

  1. The email address username that you had with us.
  2. The IMAP server name where we will be uploading.
  3. The username and password of the new account.

Please ensure the information you provide is accurate and confirmed to work. If we cannot connect with the information you have provided, it will delay matters, and depending on how much troubleshooting and additional time we have to spend getting it to work, we may have to charge additional fees accordingly.

I'm on an annual package. What will happen?

We will be issuing prorated refunds on these packages. Expect to hear from us in the coming weeks with more details.

What happens if I don't migrate away before December 6th, 2017?

Please ensure you do migrate your data away before December 6th, 2017. Our servers will be taken offline and will not be accessible. Anything you haven't retrieved by that date will be destroyed as the servers are decomissioned.

Any ideas for alternate hosts?

We got this message from a local, Vancouver-based charity called Vancouver Community Network:

VCN is a Vancouver-based charity that offers free hosting for our members. Membership is $25 annually. We also offer low-cost migration services. We can host WordPress and non-WordPress sites.

People can sign-up for an account at and go to for an overview of our paid services.

I need my transfer authorization code for my domain. Can you send it to me?

Log into the Service Centre, go into the domain for which you need a transfer authorization code, and look for the link at the bottom that says "Send transfer auth code to administrative contact". It will send the code by email to the administrative contact on file for the domain. Make sure the domain is unlocked otherwise you will not be able to initiate a transfer.